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ursusidloursusidlo 08 Nov 2023 23:16
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by ursusidloursusidlo, 08 Nov 2023 23:16

Santa Rosa no es la excepción a los efectos del cambio climático

Santa Rosa de Cabal by Rocio LealRocio Leal, 11 Oct 2023 15:42
Ze666Ze666 21 Jul 2023 14:09
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hi by Ze666Ze666, 21 Jul 2023 14:09
clara nunesclara nunes 22 May 2021 00:05
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by clara nunesclara nunes, 22 May 2021 00:05
RPGGoon01RPGGoon01 28 Sep 2018 03:22
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based by RPGGoon01RPGGoon01, 28 Sep 2018 03:22

Today Richie Bamzy tell us how he got sign to the upcoming record label
Richard bamidele popularly know as Richie Bamzy told how he got sign to tizzle ray record, he said he went to performed at a birthday party, at isheri olofin on August,24,2017…..where the the CEO of tizzle ray record label called him after the show and told him the love his performance
Then the man ask him to join his record label on October 1st 2017 and he was official signed in as a recording &performing artist and the dropped his first single only you on October 21,2017.
He also told us the artist he is looking up to : olamide, davido, wizkid, junior boy and so many other artist both local and international.

Reverend FoxReverend Fox 14 Jul 2016 17:26
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I don't know if it was ever particularly alive…

"Sometimes you can approach feedback with a scalpel, sometimes only the sledgehammer approach will make your point clear."
~ Zyn - Forum Crit Team Captain @ The SCP Foundation

Well... by Reverend FoxReverend Fox, 14 Jul 2016 17:26

Penso che la voce dovrebbe essere corretta in questa sezione "…". Apporto la modifica! ;)

Non sono d'accordo by Sara VittoriSara Vittori, 17 Jan 2015 08:17

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